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No matter if you're in Lockdown, stuck at home without a job, or looking for a way to make extra money from home Online, Fiverr might be a valuable resource.

Fiverr is an Online Freelance marketplace platform used by two groups of people from around the World to buy and sell digital services.

The first group of people want jobs done and the second group of people do the jobs.

The people that want jobs done are called Buyers. Generally speaking, buyers go out and Hire a Freelancer. The people that do the jobs are called Sellers, Freelancers, or Giggers.

When you first sign up to Fiverr, you are automatically a buyer and can hire a freelancer immediately.

If you want to be a seller, all you have to do is create a Gig. After you create a Gig, you expect to be hired by buyers. Once you get hired, you are freelancing your skills.

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Fiverr Sellers

Fiverr sellers create a Gig that they are willing to do for a price. A Gig is another word for job.

Fiverr Gigs

A Gig is a package of services that a Seller is offering to Buyers. The Seller, Freelancer, Gigger, sets the price for the Gig and during a Buyer’s purchase of a Gig, the Seller agrees to perform the services as described in the Gig’s description.

Fiverr Gig Examples

You'll notice the prices on all these Gigs begin with Starting At, meaning that the prices go up from the starting point. Spend some time studying how sellers craft the prices as they add more services to the Gig.

Some sellers create really irresistible deals that I personally haven't been able to refuse :-)

Fiverr Buyers

Buyers come to Fiverr looking to get a particular job done. They browse or search the Gigs until they find a match for what they want. For example, before I knew how to remove the background from a product photo, I hired someone on Fiverr to do it for me.

There are Two Groups of Fiverr Buyers

  1. Buyers who need a job done for their own personal or business needs.
  2. Buyers who are middlemen/middlewomen and on-sell the completed job for a profit.

Make Money on Fiverr

There are three ways to make money on Fiverr.

  1. Become a seller and sell your services and instructional courses to buyers.
  2. Buy Gigs from sellers, mark up the goods, and sell them on.
  3. Refer buyers to Fiverr through your affiliate link.

Selling (Freelancing) on Fiverr

To get an idea if you might be able to sell on Fiverr, browse the different categories and sub-categories to see what Gigs others are selling. If someone is selling something you know how to do, that job/gig should go on your shortlist, and if you're excited, go ahead and create a Gig.

No Skills?

If you find none of the Gigs resonate with you, or you don't have enough skills to create a Gig, you can easily learn two of the most in demand, Gigs on Fiverr which is Web Design and Landing page design. 

The best way to learn this high paying skill without knowing any programming or coding is to sign up to Groove and learn how to use Groove Pages Drag and Drop website and Landing Page builder. Websites and Landing pages that you create in Groove can be exported as a zip file and delivered as a download to buyers.

Selling is probably the fastest way to make money on Fiver compared with the next two methods.

Buy Gigs and Re-Sell

Buying Gigs and reselling them require a bit of setup because you need a website with shopping cart for credit card processing to on-sell the services. However, once the setup is complete, you can get on with the actual business of...

  • Online or Offline Marketing.
  • Hiring Freelancers.
  • Delivering the products.

As before, browse Gigs in all the different categories that interest you. Pay attention to Gigs that can be re-sold for profit.

Do some research around the internet for the particular service and check out their prices. Make sure when doing your research to search local.


  • Logo design your town.
  • Logo design some other town.
  • Voice overs any city/town.
  • Short video ads any city.
  • Any Gig/Job any Town/City
  • You get the idea.

The reason to add a city or a town in your search query is because many local businesses add their city/town when looking for a particular service such as web design or video production. Likewise, the local digital agencies that sell these services target the same search phrases in order to attract local businesses.

Most of these agencies don't put a price on their website, instead they encourage people to get a quote. However, some do show a price, and I'm telling you now that they charge like a wounded bull.

For example, I just did a search for Logo Design Brisbane and eventually found a site with prices. Hold onto your hats...

  • Logo without Slogan $795.00 + GST
  • Logo with Slogan $995.00 + GST

Now, you can get a Freelancer on Fiverr to make a Logo for much less than that and pocket the difference. Indeed, you could also learn how to make logos yourself (or any of the other digital agency skills for that matter).

Make a website which can accept credit cards describing the services you offer. Sell the service from your website, then get a Fiverr seller to do the job for you. Once the job is completed and downloaded to your computer, deliver it to your customer.

This can all be done for free using the Groove platform.

You could specialise in just one service, or bundle several services together like digital agencies do.

For example, Logo design with matching website, matching social media graphics, and matching videos. If everything is branded with the customers business logo and colors, it saves a headache for customers because they won't have to duct-tape several services together.

Refer Buyers to Fiverr

Sign up to the Fiverr affiliate program and log into your dashboard. Get your affiliate link and drive traffic through your link. When your traffic becomes a confirmed buyer by purchasing a Gig or a course, you will earn a commission at no extra cost to the buyer.

Example: All the links on this page are my affiliate links. When someone makes a purchase, I get a small commission at no extra cost to the purchaser.


If you work Online or plan too in the future, it's always handy to have a Fiverr account just in case you need a job done. Sign up here.

If you need money fast and you have some skills, become a seller and create some Gigs. Learn new skills such as website building, graphics design, video production, or whatever you think you might enjoy and create new Gigs.

So now you have an overview about Fiverr freelance jobs.

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